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Wood Turner – Woodworker – Acrylic Turning Blank Artist

Shot of me in hawaiiI’m Zac and I am the one man band here at NV Woodwerks. I got into woodworking as a hobby almost a decade ago when I wanted to build my own office furniture. Although that office furniture never did get built, I’m proud of the countless other creations I’ve made as a result of wanting that office furniture!

Since then, I’ve honed my skills and now sell my creations. I specialize in wood turnings, and enjoy crafting beautiful pens and razor handles. I love working with wood and acrylic. Creating works of art that incorporate unique materials such as sagebrush into my work has opened up a whole new world of creativity and design for me, and I thoroughly enjoy cooking up new ideas and ways to make one of a kind turnings.

After learning how to pour, dye, and cast my own acrylic pen blanks, I have also decided to offer custom made pen blanks to other wood turners to use. I get just as much (if not more) enjoyment seeing what others create with my blanks as I do turning my own pens!

Although I love wood turning, I still love making functional works of art out of wood off the lathe. I love making wedding ring bearer boxes, wine accessories and kitchen items as well. Being able to balance woodworking, turning, and acrylics keeps me busy and happy.

Video Producer?

View of the majority of my shopI owe much of my woodworking knowledge to people like Marc Spagnuolo, Matt Vanderlist, and the many other talented woodworkers/educators on the internet. In 2014, I decided to try my hand at videotaping my work to share with other woodworkers, and my YouTube channel was born.  With the positive response from everyone in the online community, I’ve decided to really focus on it in 2015 and beyond. My goal is to continually improve my video skills and share as much as possible to keep paying it forward, meet as many people as possible, and just help out where I can.

If you’re interested in casting acrylics, I have a section on my website dedicated to casting blanks (coming soon), or you can check out my entire video library that includes even more woodworking, woodturning, and tools.

Where the Magic Happens!

Shop tours are always one of my favorites, so check out my shop tour video if you’d like to see my setup and tools.

Outside of Woodworking…

I love the outdoors! I can’t say that I’m an especially rough country mountain man, but I love a good hike, snowboarding, and so much more. Living a stones throw from Lake Tahoe, my wife and I are lucky to have all kinds of outdoor fun a short drive (or walk) away. Other than that, I’m a huge Sci Fi nut, and as far as I’m concerned nothing beats a good movie to distract you for a couple hours.



We've Moved!

If you haven't heard, NV Woodwerks is now Resin Werks Studio, and we have a brand new website. Head over to the new website to shop: www.resinwerksstudio.com

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