Casting Multiple Layers With Alumilite Casting Resin – Make a Sign

In this video, I go through the process of making a multi-layer pour using Alumilite casting resin. I got to make a sign for my Dad’s ’56 Buick with the casting, and I wanted to carve out the letters and have white show through.

I used melamine covered particleboard for the mold. The size of the mold is up to you, but for this project I used a 6″ x 12″ mold. It’s the same size as a NV license plate just in case it would ever be mounted to the license holder on the car. Check out my video on making melamine molds for more info.

Due to the size of the mold, I couldn’t use a pressure pot for this one. I chose to use Alumilite White resin since it is a bit thinner than the Clear resin. To help remove any unwanted air bubbles, I just used my trusty Harbor Freight heat gun to help bring any air bubbles up to the surface. I also tapped the sides of the mold to help wiggle them loose.

Another method you could use to help remove air bubbles is to use vibration. I’ve done this in the past for over sized blanks with pretty good results. I just strapped a jitterbug style sander to the side of the mold to produce the vibration. I show that method in the tap handle blank video I posted a while back when I made some custom tap handles for Kyle Toth.

Oh and I forgot to mention… “Torrid Lady” is the name of the car 🙂

Here’s a list of some of the tools/materials I used for this project:

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