Casting 101

Choosing Pressure Pots

Which pressure pot should you use for resin casting? In this video, I cover what features to compare when choosing

Resin Casting in Cold Temperatures

With winter knocking on the door, the temperature in the shop is dropping. In this video, I cover some of the problems that can occur when resin casting in cooler temperatures as well as some recommendations for minimum temperatures to work in.

Can I Use Vacuum Instead of A Pressure Pot to Cast Resins With?

I’ve gotten lots of viewer questions lately asking if you can use a vacuum chamber instead of a pressure pot to cast resins with, and frankly I didn’t have a very good answer! So, I called up Alumilite to get an informed answer and thought I’d share my findings.

Setting Up a Harbor Freight Pressure Pot For Casting

Just bought a second pressure pot for casting blanks, and I thought I’d do a little walk through on how I set it up. In this video I show what I remove and the plumbing fittings needed to get it ready for casting resin. I usually cast Alumilite products, but it can be used for polyester resin and epoxy as well.

Choosing Casting Resins

The first step in casting your own “acrylic” pen blanks is choosing what type of resin to use. In this video, I discuss the pros and cons of the three typical resins used for DIY pen blank casting and why I choose to use Alumilite.

We've Moved!

If you haven't heard, NV Woodwerks is now Resin Werks Studio, and we have a brand new website. Head over to the new website to shop:

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