Finding and Fixing Air Leaks in Your Pressure Pot

Getting a pressure pot set up for resin casting without leaks is next to impossible! I’ve set up 6 pressure pots now, and I wanted to share my tips and tricks for finding and fixing those pesky leaks.

Overall, the process is pretty simple to identify leaks in the plumbing. The key is to spray all the fittings down with soapy water, and any air leaks will cause the soapy water to bubble up around the threads of the fitting.

Once the leaks are identified, it’s just a matter of applying a good thread sealant to the threads on the fitting. I’ve found a really great thread sealant product that has solved even the toughest leaks for me. It’s an anaerobic thread sealant made by Loctite called 545. Click the picture to go to the Loctite 545 product page on Amazon. (I get a small referral fee when you use my links to shop on Amazon. Thanks for the support!!)

In some cases, you might find the lid gasket is leaking. Often times the lid doesn’t fit right or you may be tightening the clamps unevenly causing the lid to not contact the gasket properly. In some cases, the lid is just warped and it can help to apply petroleum jelly to the gasket, which will shore up any minor leaks. One other suggestion that I forgot to mention in the video is tightening the lid clamps a bit more. In some cases, you can get that lid sealed better by screwing the lid clamps down tighter.

I hope these tips help you fix any leaks in your pressure pot. If you have any other tips or suggestions to find and fix leaks, please let us know in the comments.

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