Aluminum Crinkle Ornaments


1 set of 5 Aluminum Mexican Crinkle Ornaments. See full description below

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These Mexican ornaments create some really fun and interesting blanks. Originally given to me by Art at the SoCal Penturners Gathering, I tried them out on the live stream and got some really cool results.  Price is for one set of 5 ornaments (one of each color). See videos below to watch casting and turning live streams as well as close ups of the materials.

Warning: Aluminum and resin does not bond as well as porous materials, extreme caution must be taken when machining blanks made with these to minimize blowouts, use at your own risk. I typically suggest washing metal parts with acetone or denatured alcohol, but it will remove the paint on the ornaments, so it is not advised if you want to keep the color intact.





Blue, Green, Purple, Red


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