Using a Log Book With Resin Casting


Show Notes:

Keeping a log of all the castings you pour is the best way to get repeatable results. I record every pour that I do now, and I refer to my log book daily!

I’ve also created a PDF template that you can download and use for your castings.

Click Here or on the Picture Below To Download the Free PDF 

Zacs Resin Journal Thumbnail

It includes all the data that I record for my pours plus an area for notes. The PDF is two pages, and the first page has some example data written as a guide like the picture above. Page 2 has been left empty, so you can just select Page 2 when you print it out. You can print a bunch of pages and staple them together, stick them in a binder, or go all-out and make your own DIY notebook. Bob over at I Like to Make Stuff has a great video that shows you how to do it quick and easy. You’ll just need to adjust the dimensions to fit the log book template.

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