Why I Love Talking to My Customers

Selling my handcrafted gift items online definitely has a ton of benefits, but there are a few drawbacks to e-commerce as well.  One that I am becoming acutely aware of lately is the disconnected interaction with the customer that comes from utilizing a text base communication method.

If “A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words,”  then live interaction is worth a billion!  As far as I’m concerned, speaking with customers via text and email is an art form, one that I work hard to improve upon.

Regardless of the method of communicating with customers, the interaction is one of the most important things I can do: Not only to improve business, but also to continually provide better value to my customers.

Photo Taken by Bill Stilwell https://www.flickr.com/photos/icathing/7353057/My Customers Rock!

I recently got a message  from someone on Etsy who asked if I could make her two ring boxes because she has two ring bearers in her wedding.  Off the bat, that sounded absolutely wonderful to me since I would be able to sell two of them at once!  Luckily, I didn’t let the excitement take over my listening skills because her next question led me to a new product offering idea that I most likely would never have thought of.

She wanted to see if I could make one of the boxes out of dark wood, and the other out of light wood.  The lighter colored box would be for the bride, and the dark one would hold the groom’s ring.  I was blown away at the ingenious creativity of that idea, and I knew that I would be offering that in the future.

I’m constantly amazed at how much great feedback I get from friends, family and customers. I have to admit that I am constantly thinking up new ideas for products, and I think I do pretty well at that; however, most of the suggestions or ideas that come from other people are by far the best ones.

The lesson is: Whenever you think you have thought of everything, ask someone else what they think!

Wedding Ring Box Sets

His and Hers Wedding Ring Bearer Box SetSo, I have an announcement I guess: Keep your eyes peeled for “His and Hers” wedding ring boxes.  I know that many people would really only need one, and the ring boxes I make are really meant to hold both, but why not live a little and get two!

I mainly wanted to just share that little experience with anyone who’s listening, and especially if you have customers. Ever since deciding to begin a woodworking business, I have been blown away at the free education I’ve received by starting up this little venture called NV Woodwerks.

I love woodworking, but to be honest, the most memorable moments come from interacting with others. It’s a great system!

What Do You Think of the new Box Set Idea?

While we are on the topic of interacting with customers, why not keep the ball rolling!  I’d love to hear what you think of “His and Hers” wedding ring boxes. Great idea or just redundant? Leave me a comment below to let me know.


8 thoughts on “Why I Love Talking to My Customers”

  1. It would be cool if the black and white box could fit together somehow and then come apart. I was thinking dovetail but that might be too much.

    1. Ooh that’s a great idea Bill. I like the idea and symbolism of the two joining together. Time to experiment with that.

  2. I really like the look of those boxes! Great idea. What are the woods that you used for them? The figuring is awesome. Any plans to make a video of them at some point? I’d love to see the process. I’ve had requests for similar boxes for wedding rings and for pens.

    1. Hey JP, thanks for the kind words about the ring boxes. I was thinking about making some out of Alumilite and seeing how they turn out, so I might do a video on it one of these days. Everyone that has bought one has loved it so far, they are a great product to sell.

  3. Make them round lidded boxes, then flatten one side on each like the letter “D” and use a rare earth magnet to attach them. Kinda like a contact lens case. Apart for the ceremony and joined for life.

  4. Zac thanks for the great blanks they were perfect for the Bronco Pens I made for my daughter and her friends in Denver. Have you started making blanks of various NFL team Colors? (Need Pittsburgh and Dallas and Tampa Bay just this week since they saw your colors for Denver) I know in the past I had to really work at getting the right color arrangements. I’m retiring from the Government after 47 years and plan on using your method next year. I’ve been doing pens since 2007I really like your product and it turns very nice. Let me know please if you can accommodate me with the blanks.. Jack

    1. Hey Jack, I’m so glad to hear they turned great and the colors were spot on! I always try to get the colors dialed in as best I can 🙂 The blanks that are available are all listed on my website. I don’t have Tampa, but I do have blanks for Dallas and Pittsburgh. I have my search bar set up to only search products, so you can always type in colors or team names there rather than scrolling through all the products

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